Workers’ Compensation

Safer Employees, Reduced Costs

Anyone can sell a workers’ compensation policy. But our objective is to improve your worker’s compensation outcomes by ensuring you understand how coverage works and helping you keep your employees safer. In the process, we often save employers up to 50% in claims reductions costs.

Employers Want
  • To use as little of their time and resources as possible
  • To know what to do when claims occur
  • Agents and carriers who understand their situation
  • Injured employees to recover as quickly as possible
  • Cost-effective solutions that result in better outcomes
  • An agent who fights for them
  • To know the signs of and be able to prevent fraud
  • Injured employees to be treated fairly and cost effectively
Industry Experts Agree

Employers who are involved during the entire claims process will save 20 to 50% on the cost of their claims. This means a lower experience modification factor, which results in lower premiums.

Our goal is to empower employers in the workers’ compensation process. We use a specific tool to help our clients keep open communication lines between the employer, and the insurance agent and carrier company. This process ensures that the injured employee stays in the loop and that the employer and insurance provider are all on the same page.

When there is open communication between all parties, workers’ compensation coverage works best.

Management of Claims

Our workers’ compensation management program is a unique and effective tool that helps our clients be more efficient in achieving better claims outcomes.

The program is designed to use technology that is simple and easy—providing one place to submit, track, and follow up on claims. Our clients are often surprised they can save 20 to 50% when they stay involved in the claims process. They’re even more pleased to learn that some of our insurance companies have even authorized discounts of up to 5% for all clients who use our work comp software.

How it Works
  • Our clients simply click the link below to be directed to the login page.
  • Clients then submit their workers’ compensation claims through our website.
  • Submitting the claim will activate the software and allow the client to enter the claim information.
  • The claim record is then submitted to the insurance carrier, the agent, and to the client.
  • Once a claim is submitted, the client will receive frequent emails requesting them to update the status of the employee.
Benefits for Employers
  • The workers’ compensation process becomes empowering—allowing the employer to be involved and aware of the process every step of the way.
  • Claims costs are often reduced by up to 50%.
  • The Experience Modification factor is often lowered because of the employer’s involvement.
  • Employers experience a high return on investment.
  • The approach promotes accountability to management.