Why Buckner?

A Full-Service Agency Without Compromise

There are many factors to consider when shopping for an insurance agency. Who has the best reputation? Who has the cheapest prices? Who has the best customer service? Well, the answer is Buckner. And here is why:


Our agents are experts in insurance and risk management. We know the insurance industry inside and out. Rightfully so. We should be experts in our field. But, in addition, our agents also learn different niche markets, becoming industry experts in a broad array of markets—from trucking & transportation, to assisted living facilities, construction, technology, etc. Our agents put in the time to learn about different markets, making sure that they understand the exact needs of individual clients. If we don’t understand your industry, we can’t make sure you have all the coverage you need. So we invest the necessary time to gain a full understanding of how your industry works. And, as a result, we are more effective at helping our clients and meeting their needs.


We have worked for years to build strong and lasting relationships with our insurance carriers. We work with the best carriers in the industry. We share our experiences with them so they can better understand exactly what our clients are looking for in an insurance carrier. We are close with the presidents and decision makers of our carrier companies. They know who we are and they value our loyalty. They want to help us make our clients happy. These strategic carrier relationships allow us to be more competitive and offer our clients the best available coverage.


Some insurance agents just want to sell you a policy and get out the door. Not us. Our agents care about their clients. We take the time to make sure we fully understand your needs. We like to get a feel for exactly how your business is set up and how you function. Only with a full understanding of the details, can we assure that you’re properly covered. We can help you solve any business-related problems you might be encountering—from accounting, to human resources, to risk management. When businesses are running smoothly, our clients are happier. And that matters to us.


In a world of voicemails, automated phone directories, and out-of-office email replies, we strive to keep personally connected with our clients. When you call our office, a real live person answers the phone! It’s true. And, even though sometimes you might get routed to your agent’s voicemail if he or she is out of the office, we believe in quick responses to all messages. We know that your business is often put on hold while you are waiting for an insurance certificate. We are very sensitive to that. We offer a refreshingly personal touch, in an all-too-often impersonal world.


We know that “insurance agent” often has a negative connotation. We get it. But we’re different. We’re honest. Our goal is to offer our clients reasonable coverage options for reasonable prices. If we can get you all the coverage you need for a cheaper price, we do it—even though that means less commission for our pockets. Our strategy is to compete in the marketplace. That means cutting costs for you without cutting coverage or quality.